Federal Judge Orders DOJ to Provide Copy of Trump Raid Warrant

A federal court ordered the Biden Justice Department to disclose a copy of the search warrant performed at Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered the DOJ to “respond to the motion to unseal” the warrant after the Times-Union and Judicial Watch requested it.

The court directed the DOJ to answer by Aug. 15.

Reinhart signed the FBI’s warrant to search the former president’s South Florida home in an “unannounced raid on my residence.” He took a leave of absence from a local U.S. Attorney’s office more than a decade ago to defend Jeffrey Epstein’s staff after they won immunity during the lengthy sex trafficking inquiry New York Post:

After ten years in private practice, Reinhart became a magistrate judge in March 2018. In November, the Miami Herald revealed that Reinhart had represented numerous Epstein’s workers, including his pilots, scheduler Sarah Kellen, and Nadia Marcinkova, whom Epstein called his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”

Kellen and Marcinkova were given immunity in a 2007 arrangement with federal authorities that permitted Epstein to plead guilty to state charges rather than federal ones. Epstein was granted work release after 13 months in prison.

According to the Herald, in 2018, a civil complaint accused the judge of breaking DOJ regulations by switching sides during the Epstein inquiry. The article said Reinhart utilized insider knowledge to garner Epstein’s favor.

Reinhart denied wrongdoing in a 2011 affidavit and said he had no inside knowledge of the Epstein case since he wasn’t engaged in any federal inquiry.

Lindsey Halligan, Trump’s attorney, claimed the warrant was “sealed” when officers searched his residence.

Christian Bobb, another Trump lawyer, told Real America’s Voice, “When I came, I presented myself as President Trump’s lawyer.” I requested a warrant.

“They first replied, ‘We don’t have to show you.’ There was a discussion regarding whether it was acceptable to withhold the warrant while searching the former president’s home, who’s expected to be the Republican contender in the next election, according to Mediaite.

“It was thin. According to public documents, Bobb said, the affidavit proving probable cause for the warrant has been sealed.

Several observers believed Trump and his lawyers undoubtedly had a copy of the order, but Bobb denied it.

Can’t we see it? We must ask a judge to divulge what may or may not happen. We don’t know why they were permitted to search, but they did,” she said.

“They indicated they were searching for secret materials,” Bobb added.

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