EXCLUSIVE new reports reveal Evidence of Election Irregularities and Potential Fraud Mechanisms in Virginia.

EXCLUSIVE new reports reveal Evidence of Election Irregularities and Potential Fraud Mechanisms in Virginia.

These evidence have been Presented to Top State Officials, awaiting action.

A group of concerned citizens and experts provided information to top Virginia officials in June.  They are still waiting on the state’s response.

In the aftermath of l 2020 Election, President Trump was reported to be way ahead in Virginia on Election night and then the state was called – for Joe Biden – with President Trump still holding a big lead.  This made no sense. But all calls to investigate further fell on deaf ears until now.

Large ballot drops of over 300,000 votes were recorded for Joe Biden and then after that point in time, Biden maintained the lead in bizarre ratios of Biden to Trump in all ballot drops recorded once Biden took the lead.

In a recent meeting with Virginia’s Attorney General, Robert Pressler (Scott Pressler’s father) and individuals connected to Joe Flynn’s organization (TAP), and others gave a presentation sharing their concerns with recent election results and actions that may relate to fraud.

They discussed the above issues from the 2020 Election with unbelievable and impossible ballot drops.  They also discussed problems with the recent purchase and implementation of poll pads throughout the state.  (Note that Voter System Testing Lab SLI performed a review of these poll pads and they were not certified.)

This group also shared information on canvassing results and more in an effort to save free and fair elections in that state.  These issues are prevalent across the country and yet the Democrats push these fraudulent activities and the GOP ignores them.

Aside from Virginia, other states and counties are beginning to bring out evidence of Election Irregularities. But the question is, is not too little too late?



Biden will remain an illegitimate President and 2020 will remain the year our Election was stolen without any action from the appropriate authorities to investigate or bring the culprits to justice.



While the United States continues to claim to fight for democracy around the world, our democracy at home remains at risk of collapse as the deep state keep hold of our government with a stolen election.



As Biden and his team keep insisting the election wasn’t stolen, private investigators have uncovered new plots to frame Donald Trump.


This includes the January 6th incident and Nancy Pelosi’s role in the set up.

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