GOP Calls for Biden Impeachment and Investigation Into Pelosi

In the upcoming midterm elections in November, it is largely anticipated that the Republicans will retake control of the United States House of Representatives and probably also the United States Senate.

Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama is a member of the Republican Party. He believes that Republicans ought to investigate the role that Nancy Pelosi played in the events that led up to the incident in the United States Capitol in January 2021 and should consider using their leadership powers to investigate the possibility of impeaching President Joe Biden.

Moore stated, “You know, both parties play politics sometimes. But I think at this point with a constitutional republic; it is going to benefit us to look into some of these issues that undermined our Constitution or tried to undermine our Constitution.” “You know, both parties play politics sometimes.”

Moore proceeded by saying, “Impeachment of Biden may be a part of it.” It may be on the table. On January 6, what part did Nancy Pelosi play, if any? Because of this, [Jordan] and Banks are not currently serving on [the January 6 committee]. They would ask her some pretty challenging questions, such as how we could have such weak security even though there were most likely going to be some individuals in D.C. on that day. There are a lot of questions that haven’t been addressed.

Declining interest in the Democrat-led January 6 Committee.

According to new research, even fewer Americans watched the January 6 Committee’s primetime hearings in June.

Democrats were able to reach 20 million people because the hearings were broadcast on almost every major cable news program.

The source recorded 17.7% viewership.

The eight hearings drew 13.1 million viewers, while the two primetime sessions averaged 18.9 million. 11.2 million people watched daytime hearings.

They’re decent but not spectacular. The committee’s hearings have dominated news cycles and social media. The June 28 hearing drew 13.2 million viewers. Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows’ former staffer, testified at the hearing.

In March, President Joe Biden’s SOTU drew 38 million views. In 2018, nearly 45 million people watched Trump’s first State of the Union.

“[Democrats] are anxious to shift the narrative. Americans are clever. They see through this and want a Congress focused on their concerns, said Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York before the first hearing.

“We’re working very closely with President Trump and his administration, Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Jim Jordan,” Stefanik added, previewing the party’s reaction.

We’ll be on the radio correcting the record. We’ll give the American people the facts and highlight how unprecedented, unconstitutional, and illegitimate this committee is, Stefanik said.

She said GOP lawmakers had “plenty of media appointments” and would “shine at this time.”

“Like impeachment shams one and two, they’re everywhere. First, talking about American concerns, she stated. “But number two, prosecuting how badly Speaker Pelosi, Democrats, and Liz Cheney have failed our nation. If they want to speak about guarding the Capitol, which they refused to do, they’ve failed, Stefanik said. Instead, they’ve proceeded to “shred constitutional precedents.”

“They’ve shredded Congress as an institution and are compromising the privacy and speech and debate rights of elected members,” she claimed. And they’re targeting Trump campaign personnel.

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