Nancy Pelosi and Other Democrats in Trouble as Supreme Court Passes Strong Ruling!

After much deliberation, the United States Supreme Court has eventually bequeathed the one verdict Democrats dread most. According to the verdict, “the Trump administration can continue to enforce the “Remain in Mexico” policy which makes migrants who apply for asylum in the United States remain in Mexico until their hearings.”

This development came up on Wednesday thereby thwarting every trial to stop the policy which was supposed to become effective on Thursday, 12th of March. Gratitude to this ruling, Trump’s “REMAIN IN MEXICO” policy is here to stay.

During this period it looks like the no-good democrats are going down for sure.

Despite being forcefully denied by the ultra-liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for disobeying federal laws, the REMAIN IN MEXICO policy has been credited for helping lower the border crossing numbers from crisis levels.

Axios noted that:

“The Migrant Protection Protocols, implemented under express authority granted by Congress decades ago, have been critical to restoring the government’s ability to manage the Southwest border and to work cooperatively with the Mexican government to address illegal immigration.”

This has stood unsettled for a long while, presently, the moment has come for the people to amp up and take action against the Democrat terrors.

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