Classroom Management Software: Features – eLearning Industry

Features You Need In Your Class Management Software Class management software is a software application that manages the documentation, administration, reporting, and tracking of classrooms, training programs, online events, and lectures. It is also used to automate registration and record-keeping. When it comes to effective classroom management, having the right software can make a huge … Read more

Gamification LMS For Employee Training

7 Tips To Use A Gamification LMS For Seasonal Staff What could be better than earning incentives for training? Well, how about building self-confidence and bridging gaps while you rack up onboarding badges. Your temps may not be with you for long, but they still make an impact. Their behaviors and performance reflect on your … Read more

Student Portfolios Online In A Real-Life Ecosystem

Positioning Blogger For Formative Management Some countries like Canada have begun to adopt—on a large scale—formative assessment using the portfolio assessment system. That’s the good news! However, these systems often come with legacy technology, such as cardboard three-ring binders and pen and ink worksheet printouts. Meanwhile, the rest of the country, including the students themselves, … Read more

Educators’ Questions About Vaping Answered

We don’t typically talk about vaping in teacher prep programs. And yet, as we all know, vaping now impacts the classroom experience in most middle and high schools. The practice is so prevalent among tweens and teens that the United States Surgeon General declared e-cigarettes among youth an epidemic in 2018. Teachers nationwide worry about … Read more

Informal Learning In Compliance Online Training

3 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks Of Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course Informal education usually refers to things you learn unconsciously. For example, infants learn to speak informally. They listen to the adults around them speak, and they pick up words, syntax, and intonation. When they go to school and learn to read … Read more

Training Categories: How Your Stakeholders Think

Their Reality Should Be Your Training Reality Generally, leaders view training (yes, I refer to it as “training” not “learning” since this is how stakeholders refer to it) from one of three perspectives. Each of these perspectives depends on the intent and the requirements to be fulfilled by your learning efforts. The three generally accepted … Read more

Help! Teacher of the Year Is a Popularity Contest

Dear WeAreTeachers:I’ve been a fifth-grade teacher for the past decade, all at my current school. I’m active in the PTA and on various school committees, and parents and kids love me. I didn’t get into this job for recognition, but I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt to get passed over time and again for Teacher … Read more

Pop-Up Questions In Videos: Yes Or No?

Based On A 2020 Study Educators are constantly trying to find new ways to keep learners’ attention and improve their retention knowledge. This task has perhaps become even more complicated in the age of online learning. Educators attempt to keep things engaging by using all manner of different activities, such as discussion forums, readings, quizzes, … Read more