Professional Skills To Adopt Before Graduating

Important Skills To Adopt While In College College is meant to get people ready for their eventual careers. While a degree may make you eligible for the job you want, that doesn’t mean it equips you with the skills you need to find long-term success. In this article, we look at important professional skills that … Read more

Gamification In Retail Training: Real-World Examples

Turning Retail Reality Into Games Organizations are now using gamification in unique ways, from onboarding and upskilling staff to cross-training retail and motivating staff to address challenges. And they are doing it at every level, from frontline customer-facing reps to back-office admin staff, from sales teams to executive talent. Thanks to significant technological improvements and … Read more

What Is the Science of Reading?

When it comes down to it, reading might be the most important skill kids learn in school. Being a fluent reader opens up endless opportunities for lifelong learning. That’s why schools and teachers everywhere are constantly trying to improve the way they teach this fundamental skill. One phrase that’s emerged in recent years is the … Read more

The Administrator’s Dilemma | Higher Ed Gamma

Ready to be provoked, infuriated, or exasperated, depending on your vantage point? Just read an article entitled “Stanford’s War on Social Life,” a sardonic, scornful exposé of the ways that the Farm’s administrators succeeded in curtailing that institution’s raucous campus culture. Or as New York Times columnist Ross Douthat describes it in a tweet: “Striking … Read more

California Community Colleges chancellor steps down

California Community Colleges chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley is stepping down to take on a new role as head of the College Futures Foundation, a private grant-making organization focused on boosting college completion among low-income and minority students in California. Oakley announced Thursday that he will step down in August after leading the system for nearly … Read more

Compliance In Digital Learning Transformation

An Unstoppable Digital Transformation According to Gartner, global IT spend will hit $4.4 trillion in 2022. [1] Despite geopolitical uncertainty and residual pressures from the pandemic, business and IT leaders are actually looking to invest more in digital technology in order to ensure greater flexibility and future-proofing of their organisations. In fact, “investment in direct … Read more

Benefits & Challenges of Hybrid/Remote Alt-Ac Work (Take 2)

Blog: Learning Innovation Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid and Remote Alt-Ac Work: Talent Recruiting: Significant advantages in recruiting talent for fully remote, as alt-acs often have significant geographic/partner challenges. Options for hybrid work may also entice alt-acs to join a university or team within an institution. Onboarding of fully remote non-faculty academics remains a challenge, … Read more