Short stay: The Fellows House, Cambridge, UK

“Feel at home, feel inspired, feel like a fellow,” invites the hotel’s mantra. Strategically positioned, a mere eight minute stroll from Jesus Green, The Fellows House is the very essence of Cambridge. Symbolically, Crick and Watson’s DNA double helix is ​​imprinted into The Folio Bar’s walls. Whilst the heritage of Cambridge’s esteemed academic fellows flows … Read more

Plan Your Trip Today -The Planet D

Have you wanted to travel to South America but can’t decide which country to visit? Well, Colombia was rated the happiest place in the world as of 2021. Wouldn’t you want to see the happiest place in the world? You can! It’s time to pack up your things and travel to the beautiful area in … Read more

9 local gems along the east coast of Australia

The East Coast of Australia stretches over 4000 kilometres. If you drive from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland to Melbourne in Victoria, it would take approximately 30 hours. This stunning stretch of coastline is filled with astonishing places, many of which you may have already heard of. From the glamor of Australia’s largest city, Sydney, … Read more

6 Best Destinations For An American Vacation

When it comes to travel destinations, nothing beats the amount of wonder, exquisiteness, and variety the United States of America has to offer. It is, as quoted by Woodie Guthrie, a land for everyone. Traveling across its humungous landscape cannot only make you appreciate your country’s wanderlust but also offer you a break from the … Read more

The best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

Why not try some of the world’s best quality dishes whilst indulging yourself in the beautiful city of Barcelona? These places are the type of locations where you will never have the same meal twice, due to their consistent innovation and focus on seasonal products. Here we have narrowed down the very best Michelin star … Read more

6 Tips to Prepare For Vacation with your Pets

With temperatures easily going into double digits, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Summer is just around the corner. It’s time for ice cream, pool parties, barbecues, and memorable vacations! Most of us look forward to the Summers because it brings so many options for vacation destinations to our minds, whether that … Read more

Short stay: Beachcroft Hotel & Beach Hut Suites, Felpham, West Sussex, UK

Four designer Beach Hut Suites sit just yards from Felpham’s beach. It’s a bucket and spade shoreline where seagulls call and sea breezes rustle the palm tree planting. Ivon Blumer architects have created a gentle-blue-clapperboard homage to beach life. Four huts named Beach, Sand, Pebble and Shell – each spread over three levels,- elevate beach … Read more

Do I need a visa to go to Oman?

Home to stunning dive sites, intriguing archeological ruins, historic forts and souqs (markets) and some of the region’s best hiking trails, Oman promises an unforgettable travel experience. Visas to visit this complex, storied land are easy to obtain, but there’s some red tape to navigate compared to its Gulf neighbors. Many people visit Oman after … Read more