Congress To Hold Open Hearing On UFOs – Will Public Hearings Make A Difference?

Next Tuesday, the House Intelligence Committee’s subcommittee will hold an open hearing regarding the Pentagon’s work on identifying and investigating unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. Congress hasn’t held public hearings on the topics since Project BLUE BOOK closed in 1969. That’s before my time for anyone who is counting. Why are there open hearings next … Read more

Georgia Cops Rummaged Through Student-Athletes’ Luggage in a Fruitless Search for ‘a Little Bit of Marijuana’

Police in Liberty County, Georgia, are scrambling to defend a traffic stop last month of the Delaware State University women’s lacrosse team, which players and coaches say ended in “humiliating” and legal search of their belongings. The team charter bus for Delaware State University, a historically black institution, was stopped on April 20 while traveling … Read more

Rand Paul Temporarily Blocks $40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine: ‘Slap in the Face’ to Struggling Americans

Rand Paul temporarily blocked passage of the nearly $40 billion Ukraine aid package, thwarting attempts by Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to push it through before the Senate leaves town for the week. The Republican Senator from Kentucky demanded changes to the bill involving providing access to an Inspector General to monitor how the funds … Read more

Ninth Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Claim Alleging Unconstitutional Police Mishandling of Rape Accusations

From this morning’s Ninth Circuit decision in OL v. Jaraby Judges Bridget Bade and Kenneth Kiyul Lee, joined by Judge Kathleen Cardone (WD Tex.): Plaintiff-Appellant “OL” sued, claiming that officers at the City of El Monte Police Department (EMPD) and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) mishandled their investigations of her claim of rapeā€¦. OL met … Read more

Educators’ Questions About Vaping Answered

We don’t typically talk about vaping in teacher prep programs. And yet, as we all know, vaping now impacts the classroom experience in most middle and high schools. The practice is so prevalent among tweens and teens that the United States Surgeon General declared e-cigarettes among youth an epidemic in 2018. Teachers nationwide worry about … Read more

Congressmen: Whistleblower Evidence Shows Biden’s DOJ Is Targeting Parents With FBI Investigations

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) Despite sworn evidence by US Attorney General Merrick Garland that the US Department of Justice isn’t targeting parents after he directed the department to do so last fall, a whistleblower has come forward to the House Judiciary Committee providing that the FBI is in fact investigating parents. In a … Read more

Informal Learning In Compliance Online Training

3 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks Of Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course Informal education usually refers to things you learn unconsciously. For example, infants learn to speak informally. They listen to the adults around them speak, and they pick up words, syntax, and intonation. When they go to school and learn to read … Read more

Race and Gender Checks Coming to a Boardroom Near You

The Office of the New York City Comptroller was created in 1801 to be the chief auditor of local government and all its various financial activities. The comptroller’s top responsibilities, as bullet-pointed on the office’s website, are “conducting performance and financial audits of all City agencies,” “serving as a fiduciary to the City’s five public … Read more

Jesse Watters Squeezes Lindsey Graham On Fast Moving Ukraine Aid While Americans Are Left Hanging

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters left a squishy Lindsey Graham squirming on Thursday night as he confronted the GOP Senator about why billions of American taxpayer dollars seems to fly out the door for foreign countries while aid for struggling Americans dealing with numerous domestic crises is left hanging in congressional limbo. Watters teed up … Read more