Teenagers in The Times: March 2022

Here is the March edition of Teenagers in The Times, a roundup of the news and feature stories about young people that have recently appeared across sections of NYTimes.com. We publish a new edition on the first Thursday of each month.

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School Inequality Isn’t Always Just Black and White

“We care too much about the racial demographics at exclusive schools,” writes the author of this Opinion essay.

I Followed the Lives of 3,290 Teenagers. This Is What I Learned About Religion and Education.

“Boys from working-class families benefit from the social capital that religious belief can provide,” writes the author of this Opinion essay.

Making the SAT and ACT Optional Is the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

“Intended or not, it sends a message that some students of color are less capable,” writes the author of this Opinion essay.

New Mexico Will Make College Tuition Free for Residents

As states take the lead in the tuition-free movement after President Biden’s plans failed to gain traction in Congress, New Mexico emerges as a leader.

Bringing Personal Finance to the Classroom for Generation Z

Twenty-three states require high schoolers to take the subject, and more could join them in an effort to boost the next generation’s financial literacy.

Caught in a Culture War, Georgetown Day School Holds Fast to Its Mission

After Republicans attacked the school during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings, parents, students and alumni said they firmly embraced its values.

Taliban Renege on Promise to Open Afghan Girls’ Schools

The schools were supposed to reopen this week, and the reversal could threaten aid because international officials had made girls’ education a condition for greater assistance.


Civics, Politics, Economics and Business


Science, Health and Technology

Many Teens Report Emotional and Physical Abuse by Parents During Lockdown

New data on teen mental health during the pandemic suggests that for many, home life was full of stressors like job loss, hunger and even violence.

What is ‘Bigorexia’?

A social media diet of perfect bodies is spurring some teenage boys to form muscle dysmorphia.

The Loophole That’s Fueling a Return to Teenage Vaping

Sales are rising of flavored e-cigarettes using synthetic nicotine that evades regulatory oversight, a gap that lawmakers are now trying to close.

Vaccine protection against moderate illness waned among adolescents, new CDC data suggest.

Booster shots, however, drastically increased that protection.

Omicron Blunted Vaccine Protection Among Adolescents

The vaccines shielded adolescents only against life-threatening Covid, not less severe illness, scientists reported. Still, hospitalizations remained rare in children, compared with adults.

There’s a Mental-Health Crisis Among American Children. Why?

The pandemic is not the only reason.

After Covid, Are You ‘Mask Fishing’?

The Skiing Aigners Are a Nation Unto Themselves

The visually impaired siblings and their guides accounted for more medals at the Beijing Paralympics than several powerhouse countries.

The Video That Changed the NCAA

One 38-second clip showing differences between the men’s and women’s tournaments led to profound overhauls in gender parity.

On a Dirt Court, a Ravaged School Planted the Seeds of a Championship

A Louisiana high school lost its gym when a hurricane tore through town. Practicing on a dirt court, the girls’ basketball team adopted a defiant motto: No gym, no problem.

Nine Dead, Including Coach and Six College Golfers, in Texas Wreck

The University of the Southwest said its golf coach, Tyler James, was among the dead and that two people were in critical condition.

13-Year-Old Boy Drove Truck That Hit Van in Texas, Killing 9, Officials Say

The fiery crash killed a golf coach and six of his players, along with the boy and a man who was traveling with him.


Arts, Media and Culture

At a School for the Deaf, Signs of Change Are Clear

Sara Novic’s new novel, “True Biz,” takes readers beyond the hearing world.

This Rap Song Helped Sentence a 17-Year-Old to Prison for Life

“Rap music is showing up as evidence in criminal trials,” writes the author of this Opinion essay.

Assassin Princesses, Magical Lakes and Warrior Jinn in New YA Fantasy Novels

Three new YA fantasy novels — “Castles in Their Bones,” by Laura Sebastian; “Lakelore,” by Anna-Marie McLemore; and “This Woven Kingdom,” by Tahereh Mafi — blend romance and magic to tell enchanting tales.

The Morphe Beauty Saga Isn’t Pretty

What happens when a beauty brand’s collaborators become too controversial, makeup trends change, and Gen Zers flock to TikTok?

‘Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U’ Review: Songs on Overdrive

The singer-songwriter is in a reflective state in the director Stacey Lee’s film, which documents a trip from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles.

‘You Are Not My Mother’ Review: Parental Misguidance

A lonely teenager is traumatized by her mother’s volatile behavior in this impressive horror debut.

‘Bronco Bullfrog’: Hello Young Lovers

Barney Platts-Mills’s 1969 feature about aimless East End teenagers in love comes to Film Forum after a cinematic rediscovery.



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