‘We Will Drag Our Bloody Stumps Across The Ground Before We Stop Fighting For Ashli’

Despite the federal government’s attempt to withhold evidence surrounding the cold-blooded murder of Ashli ​​Babbitt and the corporate media’s effort to demonize the slain Air Force veteran, her family vows to never stop fighting for her until justice prevails.

There are no statutes of limitation on murder and the Capitol Hill Police officer who murdered Ashli ​​as she protested the fraudulent 2020 presidential election will ultimately be brought to justice, Ashli’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, and husband Aaron Babbitt explained in an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit.

“You are looking at the two people that will be dragging our blood stumps across the ground until we cannot fight anymore,” Babbitt affirmed. “That is not going to happen. We will not ever stop fighting for Ashli. I know what happened that day. Micki knows what happened that day.”

The cop who shot and killed 35-year-old Ashli, Lieutenant Michael Byrd, admits he “has no regrets” about killing her and audaciously insists he saved many lives by taking the life of the unarmed veteran.

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The Justice Department announced last April that it won’t pursue criminal charges against Byrd. After he was cleared of wrongdoing, Byrd has been heralded by the left and corporate media as a “selfless hero” for murdering the unarmed protester in broad daylight.

The murderous law enforcement official raised over $164,000 on GoFundMe while asking the public for donations to help him relocate after killing Ashli. Yet, he has conspicuously managed to retain attorney Mark Schamel, a lawyer who represented Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko, a Russian-born analyst, served as British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s main source in compiling the unsubstantiated “dirty dossier” on Donald Trump.

Babbitt questioned how Byrd could afford the powerful, Clinton-attached attorney without the deep pockets of the deep state.

No concrete evidence has surfaced proving the January 6 “insurrection” was conspired by the federal government but “anything that will be contrived out of the discovery phase is going to show all of this, hopefully,” Babbitt explained.

“I don’t think a lot of people in America realize who Michael Byrd’s attorney, Mark Shamel, is,” the Marine Corps veteran continued. “He just had to recently take himself off the record because he was defending Danchenko during the Steele dossier case. So, [Byrd] has been fed this high-powered, Clinton-attached DC attorney that he can’t afford. Somebody is paying for that.”


Byrd should have been fired in 2019 after leaving his loaded Glock 22 pistol inside a bathroom at the Capitol Visitor’s Center in 2019. But “Capitol Hill Police don’t operate like other police departments in this country,” warns Witthoeft.

“He’s the one who shouldn’t have been at the Capitol to shoot my daughter. Any other police department would have let somebody go for that,” she admonished, but “Capitol Hill Police act with impunity. They are another arm of Congress and take their orders from Nancy Pelosi – they are only subject to internal review. Every other police department is subject to external review.”

“The way that [Ashli’s] been smeared – people are just so dismissive – ‘Oh she should have complied.’ You tell me what she should have complied with because there were never any orders given,” Witthoeft added. “Michael Byrd did not even identify himself as a person to her much less a police officer. He stepped around the corner and blew her away.”

Demonizing law enforcement and galvanizing the public to defund the police is a top priority for Democrat lawmakers and their cohorts in the media ahead of presidential elections.

But when a supporter of a Republican president who devoted her entire adult life to the military service is murdered by a cop on video in broad day light, her death is celebrated, and her reputation is smeared to no avail.

“This is the same party that wants to defund the police, but then they’re hiding a police officer,” Babbitt lamented. “It doesn’t matter where you are in the country, a bad shot is a bad shot. They are covering for him because they know it was a bad shoot, but it’s their guy. So, they have to keep it covered as much as they can and as long as they can.

“You guys are screaming, ‘Defund the police! Defund the police!’ All of our cities are going to hell in a handbasket, but you have a guy that works for Congress guns down a small petite woman with nothing in her hands — wasn’t hurting anybody, wasn’t breaking anything — skipped every single step of the use of force and went to the end and just put a bullet in her. So, it’s hypocrisy at its finest. Honestly, it’s disgusting and it’s gross, but this is why nothing is coming out.”

The federal government has weaponized the intelligence agencies against the American public, Babbit argued.

“I grew up sincerely admiring our intelligence agencies, like, ‘We have the best of the best.’ Now, they’ve been weaponized and turned on the American people,” he said. “I don’t even really believe that they are looking outside of our borders at this point. They are just looking inward to demonize anybody that supports President Trump.

“The fact that these guys are still sitting in jail, still, for trespassing or property destruction, whatever they want to call it, it’s not insurrection, it’s not sedition. It’s not any of that.”

Support the Babbitt family’s legal battle against Byrd and the federal government at www.GiveSendGo.com/JusticeForAshli.

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