Will PA Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman or Attorney Tom King Representing Fulton County Appeal the PA Supreme Court’s Insane Ruling on Inspecting Dominion Voting Machines to the US Supreme Court? If Not, Why Not?

On Monday, March 21 the PA Supreme Court ruled that only auditors approved by a small government agency connected with Dominion Voting machines can audit Dominion’s machines used in the state elections. The county or state cannot pick their own independent and objective auditors, they must use specific US Federal Government approved auditors to audit Dominion machines.

As of Monday, March 21 there was one remaining audit or inspection of the Dominion Voting Machines in the country and this was in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. Then the PA Supreme court ruled that only auditors certified by a small government agency with connections to Dominion Voting Machines could perform audits of these machines.

OUTRAGEOUS: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Prevents Senate Audit of Dominion Voting Machines in the State – Free and Fair Elections Are Finished in PA

Fulton County wanted a forensic analysis of their machines after the 2020 Election. The county ordered their own inspection by Wake TSI. Wake TSI received a copy of a Dominion machine from the county’s IT Department. This copy was used by Wake TSI in their audit. They never touched a Dominion machine. In the end, Wake TSI created a report of their investigation of the Dominion voting machines used in the county. The contents of the Wake TSI’s report have never been challenged, only who funded the audit was challenged.

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Below are 5 points from the Wake TSI report’s executive summary.

Basically, the results of this review show that Dominion Voting Machines should never have been put in place in Fulton County or anywhere else.

In response to the county’s actions, the Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State (SoS) Veronica Degraffenreid decertified voting machines in the county, even though the machines were not touched by anyone other than the local IT team. Then the SoS forced the county to pay for new machines. The county thought this was unfair and sued the state.

Attorney Tom King approached Fulton County, Pennsylvania, and made the Commissioners an offer they couldn’t refuse. He agreed to provide Fulton County with free legal services (which were paid for by the Amistad Project, so they’re not actually free). Fulton County agreed to have a King represent them.

Soon after this, attorney Tom King agreed to organize an equipment inspection with the acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid, who was allowed to bring in her election ‘expert’, Ryan Macias. Macias spent a day or so looking over the machines and left the situation basically as it is.

Months went by and virtually nothing happened in the underlying Fulton case against the PA SoS. Then the PA Senate led by Jake Corman sent the county a letter requesting to make forensic images of the Fulton County Dominion machines that the PA SoS decertified. The Senate requested that the County allow experts to make one copy of a machine that has never been used and another copy of a machine that was used in the 2020 Election. The forensic copies would be compared and reviewed and would provide additional weight to the results of the audit performed by Wake TSI.

The PA Senate’s legal team charted a pathway for Fulton County via the Commonwealth Court for the inspection of the Dominion machines, but this effort was delayed by insiders and the courts. On January 15, when the Senate was scheduled to collect the forensic copy of the Fulton County Dominion machines, Tom King went missing and sent his partner to Fulton County to assist in the work to be done. Instead, the work was delayed until the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the work through an emergency stay.

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Audit Delayed on Friday Until Word Came from PA Supreme Court to Stop Working

Next came the PA Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter. The court basically went against the Constitution and took the election process out of the hands of the legislature and placed it into the hands of Dominion and a small federal government agency located in DC with connections to Dominion. This is not right.

The PA Supreme Court ruled that only EAC-approved auditors, (EAC is a federal government agency in DC) could perform the audit of Dominion machines. The current EAC auditors have never addressed the many concerns with Dominion machines while giving them a clean bill of health.

It’s time the citizens of Pennsylvania contact Fulton County and Jake Corman in the Senate to encourage them to appeal the PA Supreme Court’s decision. The county wants to do the right thing. Let them know you support their efforts to appeal the PA Supreme Court’s insane decision.

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